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Improve Data Quality Without Increasing Costs Through Intelligent Data Analysis


9th December 2021
11am - 12pm

Across industries, there is a need for better data collection and validation methods – a need that the Department for Education (DfE) understands.

Having embarked on a journey to survey every school in England, they took vital lessons learnt from their initial Property Data Survey Program and implemented a more robust data methodology for their new Condition Data Collection (CDC) Program: one of the largest surveying exercises in the country.

The DfE plan to continue building on this methodology for the ongoing CDC and future programs.

Join this session to learn:

  • How the DfE strengthened their data collection process, streamlined their data auditing and reduced the risk of site revisits
  • How to evaluate weaknesses in data quality so you can focus resource efforts on billable work
  • How to leverage data findings to build continuous improvement into future data collection efforts
  • How to build a data validation methodology to improve stakeholder confidence in data collected.
Gordian Webinar Headshots - Laurence Jones

Laurence Jones
Project Director
Department for Education

Gordian Webinar Headshot - Phil Beswick

Phil Beswick


Iain Ashworth
Head of Building Surveying

Gordian Webinar Headshot Matthew Biltaji

Matthew Biltaji
Senior Product Manager

Gordian Webinar Headshots - Tom Aburrow-Newman

Tom Aburrow-Newman
Senior Account Executive

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