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It's More Than Phishing; How to Supercharge Your Security Awareness Training


14th June 2022
11am - 11.45am

Tell people not to click a link, pat each other on the back, and ride off into the sunset. If only security awareness training was that simple!

In this session, Javvad Malik, Lead Security Awareness Advocate for KnowBe4, will explain how to take your security awareness to the next level and prevent it from going stale. Changing behaviours and creating a culture of security can only be achieved by adopting the right mindset and techniques.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why you need to brand the security department the right way
  • The psychological approach to getting your message across
  • Practical advice on building a strong security culture
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Javvad Malik,
Lead Security Awareness Advocate,

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