Managing Information in the world of Modern Work


26th January 2022
11am - 11.45am

If 2020 was a year that no one could have foreseen; the response from government would have been almost as unpredictable for many. As horrendous as the pandemic is, the public sector has shown incredible resilience and flexibility. It has quickly pivoted, breaking down barriers, sharing information and continuing to deliver excellent services to its citizens.

Technology has been the foundation stone of this achievement. Forward-thinking governments and agencies understood the importance of digital solutions to deliver citizen benefits. Remote working technology, IT modernization and cyber security all became vital in 2020. Yet, public sector organizations know they must do more. Join us to hear our panel discuss what they think managing information will look like in the world of modern work.

Topics will include:

  • Content sprawl – Content is increasingly spread across more individual locations, applications, repositories making it ever more difficult to define what to keep, and what to dispose, and how to protect the information appropriately while keeping to accessible to those who need it. How can this be managed?

  • Inefficient collaboration – users have more options than ever for sharing and collaborating on documents, but this causes a problem in that users have different habits and practices, each of which are associated with a separate repository, retention policies, security protocols, and confusion for the user about where to find the right version of the right document. Can this lead to both lost productivity and difficult governance issues?

  • Increased remote workers- does this mean increased need for governance due to compliance risks?
OpenText Speaker Headshots (5)

Bruce Daisley
Previous Vice President for Twitter
Technology Leader & Best Selling Author

OpenText Speaker Headshots (6)

Tracey Lethbridge
Head of Public Sector UKI

OpenText Speaker Headshots (7)

Marcus Botterill
Chief Technologist - Public Sector

Upcoming Roundtable Discussion

Have some thoughts on the topics above, or want to hear the views of your peers? We’ll be hosting a small roundtable in February, and we’d love you to join. Register your interest to participate in this lively discussion.

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